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Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

With Industrial Bank's ATM network you can do your banking at any time at over sixteen ATMs located throughout Washington, DC and Princes Georges County, MD. Industrial Bank ATMs* allow you to:

  • Make Deposits at selected machines
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Balance Inquiries
  • Get Cash

Deposits made at Industrial Bank ATMs prior to 3:00 p.m. will be credited the same business day. You can make your deposit, get a receipt verifying the transaction and be on your way in no time. So why not try depositing the quick and easy way at a Industrial Bank ATM?

ATM Locator
Find an Industrial Bank ATM most convenient to you.

ATM Safety Tips (link to ATM Safety tips)
When using ATMs, keep these tips in mind.

Safety Tips

When using Industrial Bank ATMs, keep these tips in mind: Before your transaction:

  • Observe the area before approaching the ATM.
  • If someone appears to be loitering around the ATM, go to another location. Then report the incident to the local police or sheriff's office.
  • Try to bring someone with you when using the ATM at night.
  • If the lighting around the ATM is not adequate, please report it to us. Meanwhile, use another ATM.
  • Memorize your personal identification number (PIN). Don't write it on your card and always keep it secret even from your family and friends.
  • Fill out all forms (such as deposit slips) beforehand and have your card ready.
  • Report lost or stolen ATM cards immediately.

During your transaction:

  • If you become uncomfortable during your ATM transaction, use the "CANCEL" key, take your card, and leave the area.

After your transaction: Put your cash in your wallet right away. Don't expose or count it while in view of others.

  • If someone appears to be following you, drive to the nearest well-lit, populated area instead of driving straight home. Then report the incident to the local police or sheriff's office.
  • And if someone does approach you and demands your money, don't resist, try to remember everything you can about the person and call the police immediately.

When using night depositories:

  • Observe the area before making your deposit.
  • Try to bring someone with you when using the Night Deposit at night.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, leave without making a deposit. Then report it to the police.
  • Deposit just one bag at a time: that's all most Night Depositories are built to handle.
  • Don't resist if you are approached, try to remember anything you can and call the police immediately.
  • If you have a cellular phone bring it with you.

And please, if you ever do see anything suspicious at any of our ATM or Night Depository locations, report it to the police immediately by calling "911" (toll free).

By taking a few seconds to observe the area and being cautious, you can safely enjoy the many time-saving benefits of our 24-hour banking services.

At Industrial Bank, our customers are our top priority. We hope you will remember and practice these tips for your own safety and security.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact your banking office. (link to locations)

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