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Small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations face complex challenges. Industrial Bank can provide resources from day-to-day operating accounts to customized cash management solutions. Available to businesses of any size, let us customize our services to ensure an optimum fit with your needs, assets and management style. We’ll help you manage your finances with greater ease, accuracy and organization than ever before.

Account Analysis

Designed for businesses that have medium to high monthly transactions. Using the account analysis system to calculate monthly deposits and cash management charges, this service will meet your funds management needs. It’s also great for combining multiple accounts into a single relationship to help offset service fees.

Account Reconciliation

The Account Reconciliation provides the detailed information you need to reconcile your general ledger with your bank statements. We offer a full range of service levels, from check paid listings to detailed transaction reports to full reconcilement and check sorting services.

Cash Concentration

Business can eliminate idle balances, pool funds, enhance cash forecasting and maximize the use of collected balances. This makes remote office-to-HQ funds transfers highly efficient, helping businesses make optimal use of capital. Funds can be concentrated into a central location.

Electronic Disbursement Services

Industrial Bank can meet the electronic outbound processing needs of companies that originate electronic fund transfers through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Our ACH services provide improved efficiencies over traditional paper-based alternatives, especially for payroll, corporate trade and tax payments, etc. And, for those who wish same-day money transfers, complete wire transfer services are also available.

ACH Editor

Provides businesses with the capacity to set up, perform and track ACH transactions all from the convenience of the office. NACHA formatted files can be generated and maintained.

  • Debit file Processing
  • Payroll file Processing
  • Electronic Federal Tax Services/ State included

Sweep Investment Account

A safe and easy method to maximize investable funds while maintaining liquidity. Excess funds are automatically invested on an overnight basis.

Zero Balance Account

This service consolidates deposits into one central account improving your ability to manage and invest funds. It provides automatic funding of disbursement accounts or automatic transfers of deposits to an operating or investment account.


Industrial Bank’s Lockbox services turn your company’s incoming receivables into usable cash with maximum speed, efficiency, and accuracy. It reduces mail and processing time, reduces check clearing float and administrative expense. Our professional staff is poised to help you design a program just for your specific needs.

Pay Cards

An alternative to traditional check-based payroll, pay cards allow you to eliminate the cost of printing checks. Employee pay is electronically loaded onto a pay card, similar to a debit card. Your employees will appreciate the convenience. No standing in line to cash paychecks anymore!

Online Wire Transfers

Quickly and easily send secure recurring and non-recurring wire transfers from your Industrial Bank accounts.

CD Publishing

Save time, money and space on record-keeping, filing and storage by storing your monthly and annual statements on a compact disk (CD). With this easy-to-use Windows-based product you will be able to sort, search and print items from your CD.